The battle of Cairo

Anarchy !!! The image of the Tahrir Square in Cairo. Tousands of pro-Mubarak attacked today the anti-government protesters as protest turns ugly.  More than 3000 backers of the president clashed with the crowds from Tahrir Square, with more than 500 injured ( The Daily Mail). Fortunately for the Egyptians, the army decided to stay away and refused to intervene.

Despite the protest began quite  peacefully, the violence broke out as the two sides started throwing stones, bottles and sticks at each other across the plaza.  During the bloodbath, it is believed that someone disposed tear gas.

Earlier on the day, the army urged people to go home, after nine years of protests. As The Sun newspaper posts, one Cairo protester summed up the mood as he raged: “We will not rest until Mubarak is kicked out of Egypt – the fight goes on. If we have to, we will burn him out of the Presidential Palace.”

Depressing , shocking images of this real massacre, but hopefully Egyptians will make history with the protests and free themselves from the claws of their government. But lives are lost, and who will pay for that?


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