Julian Assange extradition hearing updates

In his press conference outside the Belmarsh magistrates` court, Julian Assange said that his European arrest warrant case would help others, in the same position. Check out the video

What gives me hope is that we can prove this particular case and not simply draw attention to the difficulties and pressures that we and other people have been under but perhaps we will have an opportunity to set a new precedent about the abuses of the European arrest warrant.

We have an opportunity perhaps to draw attention to all those people who do not have the luxury of this press to scrutinise what’s happening to them.

Today`s hearing summary:

Robertson, Assange`s QC, said there was no allegation that the acts took place without consent. Montgomery, for the Swedish prosecutor, said consent cannot be presumed when a woman is sleeping. She also told the court: “It’s plain Mr Assange is alleged to have used violence.

Geoffrey Robertson commented that  the Swedish prime minister had made Assange “public enemy number one” in Sweden. Answering Mongomery`s claim that ‘If Sweden says it`s rape, it`s rape’.

Finally, these are the scenes from inside the court, where I was member of the public gallery. This time, Assange had more supporters, that shook his hand outside and gave him a little billetdoux, as it seems to be the only way to get in touch with the busiest whisteblower.

The hearing concluded with the judge scheduling the next hearing  for 24 February. His reporting time has however been moved from 2-5pm daily to the mornings. Hopefully we will see an ‘possitive’ end of the story on the 24 th of Feb, for now enjoy the pictures:

If Sweden says that sucking toes without washing them first is rape, then that would make it an extradition offence?’ (GR) Politically motivated or true? An excuse to kick his arse for WikiLeak`s activity or sample coincidence?


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