Student Lifestyle Blog (coming soon)

Tadam !! Finally, we’ve managed to form a group of 5 girls and together we will start to develop an exciting and promising project. It’s about a group blog that will focus on students and their lifestyles. Although the initial idea of one of my colleagues, Georgina Jarvis, was to have a cooking blog, we developed further the idea and concluded to cover all the aspects of student life: cooking ( not every time successfully), keeping yourself fit (without paying money for a gym membership), saving your money ( clubbing, travelling, food, etc) fashion/beauty (cheap and chic).

So, to be more specific: everyday we will think of a problem a common student can have and try to solve it via various articles with relevant information. Also, our blog will have a comment section, so you are all invited to discuss and share ideas with us.I am very excited about this project as I am the ‘cooker’ of the blog and I will try to cook yummi food in a record time and I will experiment with chinese, japanese, indian, spanish and italian cuisine !!

More on that later, keep an eye on my blog…


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