Reflection on my audio work

As I mentioned above it was a double pleasure for me to work with audio and video, and I found the audio module very interesting. Also, it is twice easier to work with a Zoom recorder than with a Canon camera, but however, the editing process takes a while as well. My first interviewee was an intelligent guy that I met recently. I think it was worth interviewing him, because he has a great story to tell: he is the founder of his own software development company and he is only 18 years old. Besides his high responsabilities at work, he is a second year at Bath University.

For the podcast I went for a great story as well: WikiLeaks. Being inspired by this controversial website, I wanted to make an original podcast about it and decided to cover Julian Assange’s trial. To act as a real journalist, I went the Belmarsh magistrates court to take good interviews. I think I will remember this moment for ever, because it was my first experience in covering such a big, global story and talking to so many important people and well-known journalists.

Being one of the tens of reporters that were present, I also managed to take pictures and video footage with the whistleblower hero, Julian Assange. I sent the material to several international news agencies and they were accepted and published by the russian media giant RIA Novosti.

My podcast starts with Julian Assange’s court hearing and then questions if WikiLeaks has changed traditional journalism and how. To sum up, I am happy with my work and I look further to work on more challenging projects like this.


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