Unreported world

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Lately, it has been difficult to select the most shocking events happening across the world… whether it was the Japan earthquake, Libya continuous uprising or Syria unrest, Guantánamo Bay secrets or others. I haven’t written about them simply because I have too much to say. These days I have seen an amazing documentary about the children from Afghanistan that are addicted to drugs and I decided to dedicate this post to them. This short documentary explains what happened to the citizens of Afghanistan during the conflict and reveals an unreported side of it. I was shocked seeing these images, that are truly devastating.

I believe that being a parent is the greatest thing in your life, but how hard it is for a parent to make his own child a drug addict? Reasons? Hunger. War. Pain. One mother even confessed that she used to give her child opium because she didn’t have enough food to feed them all. Opium  is a drug that is it obtained from the opium poppy and contains 12% morphine, an alkaloid, which is frequently processed chemically to produce heroin. Opium is the cheapest thing you can buy in Afghanistan, even cheaper than food: 1£/smoke. As a parent it is also hard to see your child screaming in pain caused by broken arms or legs because of occasional bombings they get. The only solution for the poor children is opium. And I am wondering, what fault has this child committed? Why should he care about the war?

How can that be possible that guilt for the thousands of lives taken or destroyed is a small price to pay for the glory of the Western World? How can that possibly be true that we are looking at these shocking, desperate images and do nothing about it? Where is the equality?… And now watch the documentary here, sorry I couldn’t include it on my blog.


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