Coca Cola`s secret revealed

He he, it seems like each one of us can now have our own version of Coca Cola, as the well-kept recipe was revealed.
Lately, we `ve witnessed lots of attempts (Dr. Pepper, Pepsi) to duplicate, but never replicate the most wanted drink – Coke. Since it`s creation  1886 by medicinal pharmacist John Pemberton, the melange of ingredients that make up the world-famous soft drink has been a huge secret… until this weekend.
This American Life radio public show cracked the secret ingredients and their exact quantities, that have been guarded more than a century. It has learnt that The Atlanta Journal Constitution, the American daily newspaper, has published about a picture of a person holding open a book with a copy of the original Pemberton`s recipe.
The replica is said to contain the secret ingredient formula called ‘Merchandise 7X’ that mixes the exact amounts of different oils.

Tadaaam, here`s the ‘secret recipe’ (in case someone wants to try):

*    Fluid extract of Coca 3 drams USP
*    Citric acid 3 oz
*    Caffeine 1oz
*    Sugar 30 (it is unclear from the markings what quantity is required)
*    Water 2.5 gal
*    Lime juice 2 pints 1 qrt
*    Vanilla 1oz
*    Caramel 1.5oz or more to colour
*    7X flavour (use 2oz of flavour to 5 gals

(Google Images)
*    Alcohol 8oz
*    Orange oil 20 drops
*    Lemon oil 30 drops ..

More details and the whole episode, here. I wonder how long will it take to publish the real health hazards ‘formula’ of drinking Coke.


Julian Assange extradition hearing updates

In his press conference outside the Belmarsh magistrates` court, Julian Assange said that his European arrest warrant case would help others, in the same position. Check out the video

What gives me hope is that we can prove this particular case and not simply draw attention to the difficulties and pressures that we and other people have been under but perhaps we will have an opportunity to set a new precedent about the abuses of the European arrest warrant.

We have an opportunity perhaps to draw attention to all those people who do not have the luxury of this press to scrutinise what’s happening to them.

Today`s hearing summary:

Robertson, Assange`s QC, said there was no allegation that the acts took place without consent. Montgomery, for the Swedish prosecutor, said consent cannot be presumed when a woman is sleeping. She also told the court: “It’s plain Mr Assange is alleged to have used violence.

Geoffrey Robertson commented that  the Swedish prime minister had made Assange “public enemy number one” in Sweden. Answering Mongomery`s claim that ‘If Sweden says it`s rape, it`s rape’.

Finally, these are the scenes from inside the court, where I was member of the public gallery. This time, Assange had more supporters, that shook his hand outside and gave him a little billetdoux, as it seems to be the only way to get in touch with the busiest whisteblower.

The hearing concluded with the judge scheduling the next hearing  for 24 February. His reporting time has however been moved from 2-5pm daily to the mornings. Hopefully we will see an ‘possitive’ end of the story on the 24 th of Feb, for now enjoy the pictures:

If Sweden says that sucking toes without washing them first is rape, then that would make it an extradition offence?’ (GR) Politically motivated or true? An excuse to kick his arse for WikiLeak`s activity or sample coincidence?

Julian Assange at Belmarsh magistrates’ court today

Dramatic scenes at the Belmarsh magistrates` court today, as Julian Assange has called on the Swedish prosecutors to attend his extradition hearing in the UK. Sven-Erik Alhem, a witness, said it was “quite peculiar” that authorities did not get the Wikileaks founder’s version of events before seeking his arrest as “proper procedure” was not followed in the investigation of two rape claims. Assange, 39, denies claims of sexual assault against  the two women. Watch video here:

Assange’s lawyer, Mark Stephens, has made this statement about the Swedish prosecutor – who was the subject of much of the testimony heard today in court.

Where is the equality?

Egypt in Crisis

In Brussels, leaders of the European countries are meeting for the first time since the Middle East protest, to decide about the future of th crisis country, as they have had a lacklustre response so far. The summit is supposed to call for ‘an expeditious and orderly transition‘ to democracy in Egypt.


Meanwhile, a radical change in the Tahrir Square: tens of thousands people who are praying.  Egyptians are taking part in ‘the day of departure’ as President Mubarak is wanted to resign today. The crowd is waving Egyptian flags and chanting the words of the Egyptian national anthem. An Egyptian blogger commented on Twitter: ‘The scene of Tahrir right now is incredible. Millions of people praying. Reverence. Very powerful. It looks like Mecca in haj’

You can watch online the latest news from Cairo on BBC News and The Guardian.

(Source: The Guardian)

The iPad ‘newspaper’: The Daily

Rupert Murdoch reveals his next step in the media empire: The Ipad newspaper. The media tycoon has set up his latest development, by launching his new daily newspaper, a news application designed exclusively for the Ipad. Murdoch took the stage in New York’s Guggenheim museum to unveil ‘ The Daily’ , with Apple, the iPad‘s creator.

As he mentions, the new digital newspaper is keen to represent the new journalism for the new times. It is supposed to combine the speed and the power of technology, that will bring to live news gathering again. Calling it the digital renaissance, Murdoch claims: ‘Simply put, the iPad demands that we completely reimagine our craft.’

When being asked about whether the digital paper will be more centrist in its politics, the Editor -Jesse Angelo replied: ‘We are patriotic. We love America, we are going to say what we think is right for this country.’

(Source: The Guardian)

The battle of Cairo

Anarchy !!! The image of the Tahrir Square in Cairo. Tousands of pro-Mubarak attacked today the anti-government protesters as protest turns ugly.  More than 3000 backers of the president clashed with the crowds from Tahrir Square, with more than 500 injured ( The Daily Mail). Fortunately for the Egyptians, the army decided to stay away and refused to intervene.

Despite the protest began quite  peacefully, the violence broke out as the two sides started throwing stones, bottles and sticks at each other across the plaza.  During the bloodbath, it is believed that someone disposed tear gas.

Earlier on the day, the army urged people to go home, after nine years of protests. As The Sun newspaper posts, one Cairo protester summed up the mood as he raged: “We will not rest until Mubarak is kicked out of Egypt – the fight goes on. If we have to, we will burn him out of the Presidential Palace.”

Depressing , shocking images of this real massacre, but hopefully Egyptians will make history with the protests and free themselves from the claws of their government. But lives are lost, and who will pay for that?