Short analysis on my video work

To start with, I want to mention that despite the hard work I enjoyed a lot doing this video material, because I am passionate about broadcasting. I was lucky when choosing the subject for my video journalism module, because an interesting event was approaching London. Doing a bit of research on the launch of the ipad2 in the US early in March, I noticed that the event shared a great media attention, so I thought it’s a good idea to film the Apple nuts on its launch in London.  Apple launched ipad2 on the 25th of March in London at 5pm, but from the morning papers I could read that people started to queue up 33 hours ahead. I enjoyed being there a lot, experienced how it is to be a real reporter and to interview tens of people in a couple of hours.

I had a vague idea when I went to shoot, but I knew I have to take as much footage as possible. I took random images with London and then focused more on the Apple store from Regents Street. I was surprised to see the great atmosphere there and the one-mile long queue  that was waiting for the magic gadget. That is how I got my idea to make the video more comic and entertaining.I also wanted to make it different and original and I think I achieved that.

I worked on it for a long time but nevertheless, I am very satisfied with my short documentary and I am confident that it ‘s one of the best videos in the group.

The iPad ‘newspaper’: The Daily

Rupert Murdoch reveals his next step in the media empire: The Ipad newspaper. The media tycoon has set up his latest development, by launching his new daily newspaper, a news application designed exclusively for the Ipad. Murdoch took the stage in New York’s Guggenheim museum to unveil ‘ The Daily’ , with Apple, the iPad‘s creator.

As he mentions, the new digital newspaper is keen to represent the new journalism for the new times. It is supposed to combine the speed and the power of technology, that will bring to live news gathering again. Calling it the digital renaissance, Murdoch claims: ‘Simply put, the iPad demands that we completely reimagine our craft.’

When being asked about whether the digital paper will be more centrist in its politics, the Editor -Jesse Angelo replied: ‘We are patriotic. We love America, we are going to say what we think is right for this country.’

(Source: The Guardian)