Egypt in Crisis

In Brussels, leaders of the European countries are meeting for the first time since the Middle East protest, to decide about the future of th crisis country, as they have had a lacklustre response so far. The summit is supposed to call for ‘an expeditious and orderly transition‘ to democracy in Egypt.


Meanwhile, a radical change in the Tahrir Square: tens of thousands people who are praying.  Egyptians are taking part in ‘the day of departure’ as President Mubarak is wanted to resign today. The crowd is waving Egyptian flags and chanting the words of the Egyptian national anthem. An Egyptian blogger commented on Twitter: ‘The scene of Tahrir right now is incredible. Millions of people praying. Reverence. Very powerful. It looks like Mecca in haj’

You can watch online the latest news from Cairo on BBC News and The Guardian.

(Source: The Guardian)