Group Blog Reflection

My group blog is called ‘Skint But Mint’. It is a blog about student lifestyle and how to make it easier for students to live abroad. The motto ‘a problem a day solved the student way’ was our creative approach to the blog as there are hundreds of other student blogs on the web and we wanted to make it different. I am very happy with the project because in a short term we have achieved to create a small audience,to motivate them to comment and to visit our blog regularly. Our Facebook page has helped us a lot to develop a small group that was later actively contributing to the blog’s discussion.

I think we managed to cover all the subjects that matter for a student and got some interesting interviews with Jo Elvin, the editor of Glamour Magazine and Ben Gilbert, the music journalist from Yahoo!. I liked the fact that we had a lot of personal photos as it made the blog more appealing and colourful.

Thinking about what didn’t work, sometimes I thought some post were too long. I tried to read every new post uploaded, and as a reader, it was difficult for me to get to the end of it.

I think Skint But Mint can be ┬ámore successful if we continue to work on it. Initially, I had the idea of introducing an online competition on the blog so that people could get more involved. The competition was about asking our readers to write about some of their problems or upload pictures with food they ‘ve cooked. The prizes would have been taken from, that has the greatest offers for students in the UK. Due to the lack of time , we didn’t introduce it.

Overall, I am satisfied with our work and I got valuable skills in writing and in working in a team, that is never an easy job.