The best news website

Comparing the best news websites, the top five are:

The Guardian

The NewYork Times


The Daily Telegraph

The Huffington Post

And the winner is… (my opinion) The Guardian. Well organized, colourful, interactive website. I think the colours and the web design is engaging people more to leave a comment or to chat. Of course, another thing I like about it is the Comment is free section, where you can even register your blog and start a debate. Attracting more audience than the newspaper itselft, The Guardian website is the considered one of the best news website.

Thinking about which website I liked less, I think it’ s The Huffington Post. It might be that I am not so familiar with it, but in my opinion, the website hosts too much information, too many categories on a single page. I could notice that it definitely is an interactive website, having the social media sharing options on the top of the front page. Still, difficult to find your way around.