The iPad ‘newspaper’: The Daily

Rupert Murdoch reveals his next step in the media empire: The Ipad newspaper. The media tycoon has set up his latest development, by launching his new daily newspaper, a news application designed exclusively for the Ipad. Murdoch took the stage in New York’s Guggenheim museum to unveil ‘ The Daily’ , with Apple, the iPad‘s creator.

As he mentions, the new digital newspaper is keen to represent the new journalism for the new times. It is supposed to combine the speed and the power of technology, that will bring to live news gathering again. Calling it the digital renaissance, Murdoch claims: ‘Simply put, the iPad demands that we completely reimagine our craft.’

When being asked about whether the digital paper will be more centrist in its politics, the Editor -Jesse Angelo replied: ‘We are patriotic. We love America, we are going to say what we think is right for this country.’

(Source: The Guardian)